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Home Styles Furniture Chesapeake Cherry Twin Bed Night Stand and Chest
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Serenia Sleep Twin Medium Memory Foam Mattress
serenia sleep twin medium memory foam mattress
Chesapeake Cherry Twin Headboard Night Stand and Student Desk
chesapeake cherry twin headboard night stand and student desk
Home Styles Furniture Chesapeake Cherry Two Twin Headboards and Night Stand
home styles furniture chesapeake cherry two twin headboards and night stand
Home Styles Furniture Chesapeake Cherry Twin Bed and Night Stand 5529 4020
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Genuine Briggs and Stratton Starte Nylon Gear V twin + Others + Fits Many
genuine briggs and stratton starte nylon gear v twin + others + fits many
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Blanket + Twin Comforter Adventure Awaits + Bonus
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Delta Children Minnie Mouse Twin Bed Toy Organizer Bedroom Set Room Furniture
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Clairebella Mirabelle Reversible Comforter Set
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Rizzy Home Pompadour Quilt
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LYKE Home Lawson Black Wood Sleigh Bed
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Rizzy Home Moroccan Fling Quilt
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Stream Curve Cotton Quilt Set
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Metal Bed Frame Queen King Full Twin Size Mattress Foundation Platform Headboard
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Slumber Perfect 3 inch Gel Memory Foam Topper with Egyptian Cotton Cover
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IKEA Snarjmara TWIN Duvet Cover Set Pillowcase SNRJMRA Green Black Plaid Check
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Barcelona 4 piece Duvet Cover Set
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Walker Edison Twin Trundle Metal Bed Black BT40TB
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Home Life Cloth Red Linen Chinese Non Headboard Platform Bed with Slats
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Metal Twin Size Platform Bed Frame Bedroom Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation Black
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Draper Wheat Soft 6 piece Duvet Cover Set
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NWT Peanuts Charlie Brown And The Gang Large Fleece Throw Berkshire 60X90
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Rizzy Home Satinology Purple 3 piece Quilt Set
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Basketball Words in Hoop Duvet Cover
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St James Home 250 Thread Count Stain Resistant Mattress Pad
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Bird Quote Sparrow Duvet Cover
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Multiple joys in the same family.


More than 3,000 sets of twins, triplets, quadruples and quintples
were born in Dubai between 2010 and 2012,
according to

1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of:

2. In keeping with:


"Figures obtained from the Dubai Health Authority have
revealed that these multiples births included 2,750 sets of twins and
292 other multiples across public and private hospitals," Suman
Manning, organiser of the upcoming Twins Plus Festival, told XPRESS.

"It looks like there's been a multiples boom in the last
three years," said Manning, adding that the TwinsPlus team is
trying to
tr.v. col·lat·ed, col·lat·ing, col·lates
1. To examine and compare carefully in order to note points of disagreement.

2. To assemble in proper numerical or logical sequence.

 the total number of multiples living in the country.

The second edition of the annual festival, to be held at the Zabeel
Park on March 22 and 23, is expected to be attended by a large number of
these multiples. Last year, 450 twins-plus sets were present.

According to the DHA statistics, government hospitals in Dubai
accounted for the birth of 1,563 twins, followed by 228 triplets, 11
quadruples, five quintiples and two
conjoined twins

 between 2010 and
2012. Similarly, private hospitals received a total of 1,187 twins and
46 other multiples.

A comparison of the births over the three years shows that the
maximum number of multiples were born in government hospitals in 2010.
They comprised 558 twins, 90 triplets, two quadraples and two conjoined
twins. The number of quadraples jumped to nine with five quintiples too
marking their arrival the following year. A total of 556 twins were born
in public hospitals in 2012.

At 456, private hospitals saw the maximum number of twins last
year. This was in addition to 16 other multiples.


Ever Met a Family with More Than One Set of Twins?

XPRESS catches up with a privileged few

By Sharmila
 or dal

1. the nutritious pealike seed of a tropical shrub

2. a curry made from lentils or other pulses [Hindi dāl]

Noun 1.

Senior Reporter


We all know families with a pair of twins or triplets. But ever met
multiple twins or a mix of multiples in the same household? They are
rare but very much around.

An XPRESS hunt for such families in the UAE ahead of the Twins Plus
Festival on March 22-23 led us to at least three cases: Asma Ozair and
Jasim Ahli in Dubai who have two pairs of twins, 18 and five, besides
two singles; Kabira and Abdelah Najib in
Abu Dhabi
 , Arab. Abu Zabi, sheikhdom (1995 pop. 928,360), c.
 with two sets of
twins, 8 and 7; and a third Dubai-based family with 24-year-old
triplets, 19-year-old twins and a sixth single
 /sib·ling/ () any of two or more offspring of the same parents; a brother or sister.


An Emirati traffic awareness lecturer working with a transport
authority, Asma said multiples are a special gift from the Almighty.
"If God chooses to give us twins, it means He trusts us to have the
capacity and energy to raise them."

Her older twins, Mohammed and Hamad, are 18 while the younger pair,
Aisha and Omar, are just five. The singles, Ahmed and Ha'amed, are
17 and 13.

Asma said the singles were initially upset that they were not born
as pairs. Especially since the family on both sides has so many of them.
"It runs in our family. My two sisters and I all have twins. When I
was carrying the first set, four others in my husband's family were
also carrying twins. In addition, one of my aunts and uncles also have a
set of twins each."

She said her husband Jasim Ahli, a businessman, had been very
supportive in raising their six kids.

"He has been there during every delivery and at every phase
after that, be it feeding the kids, showering them, taking them to the
doctor or even shopping for their clothes. My mother has also been a
great source of support throughout."

The family also has a dedicated

 for the children. "We
have a housemaid who helps out with the general housework and a nanny
for our children," said Asma.

She said she was very grateful for the blessings she had received.
I pray
, allow me to go s>.

See also: Pray
 that God fulfills the wishes of all those who want
multiples. It's a privilege and unique feeling."

In Abu Dhabi, Kabira and Abdelah Najib, a Morroccan couple, feel
equally blessed. They have two pairs of twins, separated by a year.

"We feel very blessed, In fact, when we had our first pair of
twins in June 2004, we named one of the girls Hiba which means
'gift from God'. Her twin is Hajer," said Najib.

Barely was Kabira getting used to the idea of rearing two children
in one go when she discovered another set was on the way.

"I still remember my first twins were seven months old. I had
to see a doctor because I was suddenly feeling very weak. When I went to
the clinic, the doctor congratulated me after a complete examination.
She told me I was pregnant with another pair of twins.

"I found myself crying when I initially heard the news. The
first question that came to my mind was how we would manage physically
and financially. We did not have any help in the house. But the fear
soon gave way to joy," said Kabira, who delivered Ayman and Aya, a
boy and a girl, in August 2005.

A journalist with an Arabic newspaper, Kabira said Najib also works
in the same organisation. "He does a lot to help with the kids.
There would be times when all the four would cry together. But we knew
we had to manage them between the two of us," she said.

Najib said as the twins grew older, he and his wife had to find
innovative ways to make them study as well. "We regularly play
games and quizzes where my wife teams up with one pair of twins and I
take the side of the other. We get into a scoring match and in this way,
cover Math, Arabic, English, even the Holy Quran."

The third family with a set of triplets, twins and a single child
declined to talk despite repeated requests by XPRESS.


Twins Plus Festival

WHEN: March 22 and 23

WHERE: Zabeel Park

HOW: Entry is free for multiples who must register on the website The fee for others, excluding park charges,
is Dh10 per child and Dh15 for adults.

WHAT: Host of activities and entertainment, including bouncy
castles, face painting, colouring competitions, stage contests and

HIGHLIGHTS: Goodie bags for first 150 mothers coming in, with spa
treatment; Twin
 in law, condition of a person charged with a crime and thus in danger of punishment. At common law a defendant could be exposed to jeopardy for the same offense only once; exposing a person twice is known as

double jeopardy.
, a fast-paced quiz format with exciting prizes.
Competitions for Most Alike/ Least Alike Twins and Triplets, Best
Dressed Twins etc.

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. All rights reserved.

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