DIY Bathroom Sink Plumbing

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Once you have learnt to do it yourself, you will find that bathroom sink plumbing is a very easy task. This will help you save lots of money that could have otherwise been spent on a plumber. Be it installation or even repair, bathroom sink plumbing you will find that the task is very easy and you can do it yourself rapidly. It does not matter what kind of sink you use because the drain as well as the water-supply connections can be easily understood just by taking a look at them. Therefore, the next time your bathroom sinks require a repair, you do not have to go looking for a plumber. As you are about to find out, undertaking the task yourself is quite easy.

To avoid getting into problems although undertaking the job, it's recommended that you prevent rushing into the procedure. Begin with obtaining rid of anything that is placed beneath the bathroom sink before spreading out a towel at the bottom. This will help in stopping any leakages or drips so the drinking water will not flow all more than the whole vanity. Turn off all drinking water supplies leading towards the sinks. Make sure the water has completely stopped prior to removing all of the provide lines. To remove the faucet in the bottom, use pliers.

After loosening the faucet we should be able to remove the water lines originating from the walls . Now using a towel wipe the threads until they are dry. Now get a pipe tape and wrap the threads using the tape and this should be done atleast three times and make sure they ar fully covered.Now thread the supply line just taken from faucet. Make sure that cross threading is not done and the same procedure must be repeated with other water lines also..

Now you should have a bucket to be placed under the drain tap to collect the water leaked from the drain. the next step is to remove the drain pipe and for this we should first lossen the upper nut followed by the nut present on the pipe. Now leave the pipe into the bucket and wash them propely and remove all the spoiled washers and nuts. Rest of the parts must be kept aside. You have to check how to unclog for the clog sink.

Next step is to clean all the pipes in fresh water and dry them by wiping with a cloth. Now place the larg nut on the pipe coming from the wall with the thread facing out. Now the washer with the beveled edge must be kept in front of the pipe and the large nut should be placed and kept on the drain of the sink with its front facing away from the sink.

With excellent care, location the dope round the threads. The pipe is then slid over the wall then from the sink. Slide the large nuts into the threads and make sure you tighten them utilizing your hands. Use a channel lock to give the nuts 50 % turns. Do not exceed the half turn as this can make them break. Your job can be used to become total once you're done with all these.

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DIY Bathroom Sink Plumbing

See More About:    DIY Bathroom Sink Plumbing        
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See More About:    DIY Bathroom Sink Plumbing        

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