Plumbing For A New Bathroom

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Designing a New Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom is one place that we don't want to be falling short on any count - we want that our bathrooms should be perfect - so that when we come out after a bath, both mind and body are completely refreshed and rejuvenated. In that sense, designing a new bathroom is a serious task and must be carried out with proper guidance and intent. For you do not want to finish constructing your bathroom and then find that you made a mistake here and one there - both of which can't be undone and you have to look at those two mistakes every day from then on.

There are a few fundamental considerations while designing a new bathroom. These include the basic layout of the bathroom fixtures, electrical safety, long-term maintenance issues, and some aspects of energy saving.

To start with, the first step in designing a new bathroom is to come with the layout of the bathroom fixtures. This is easier said than done. This is the most crucial factor that will determine whether your bathroom is well lit and whether it is spacious, to say the least. There are a number of things that you have to consider while designing the layout. Apart from light, space and ventilation, you also have to make sure that the dry and wet areas are well demarcated and separated. Moreover, your layout has to be in accordance with the general plumbing scheme of the house. If, suppose, the main drainage pipe runs through the lawn-side west wall, you will not be able to place the toilet on the corridor-side west wall - that will not work. Thus, it is important that discuss your layout with your plumber, and as well as the electrician.

The electrician will also be able to help you out with the basic electrical safety measures that you have to keep in mind while designing a new bathroom. This is very important as it is common to have electrical outlets in bathrooms - and this is a potential hazard, with all the water splashing around. Hence, you should make a note of this - most people tend to overlook this small but vital point in bathroom design.

The next important feature is to get buy the fixtures. In this, you have to keep note that the fixtures you choose have to match with your layout. Moreover, they have to be long lasting and low maintenance. You don't want soap buildup and other common problems of ill-designed bathrooms to happen to you.

It has to be said that integrating all of these factors into a harmonious picture is a tough job. In fact, that is why most people decide to leave it to the experts. Designing a new bathroom can be tricky stuff - and most amateurs and enthusiasts end up making mistakes on some count or the other. Hence, a good piece of advice is to either get it designed by a professional, or at least have a chat with a designer about your ideas and bathroom floor plans and get feedback before moving ahead with the construction.

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To start with, the first step in designing a new bathroom is to come with the layout of the bathroom fixtures. Getting a bathroom suite or a cloakroom suite for your bathroom should be an ideal option as it would match your bahtoom in all aspects.

Plumbing For A New Bathroom

See More About:    Plumbing For A New Bathroom        
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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much could my home addition cost?

We want to put an addition on our home - adding another story - we want to do much of the work ourselves but are curious how much we could be looking at for a basic 2nd story with no interior walls. We would probably want an area plumbed for a new bathroom in the new space, too. We can do interior walls, bathroom fixtures, flooring and most of the electrical ourselves. We would also need to run the forced air for our heater, and air conditioning, up to this new space. I'm looking for very rough numbers just so I have some idea of what we are looking out - $50,000 or $100,000 ? I really have no clue when it comes to construction costs. Is there a "typical" cost per square foot? We are in the Pittsburgh area if that makes a difference. Thanks.

Best Answer...


Now days you could be looking at around 125 to 200 per sq. ft. this would be roughly of course. Your talking about another bathroom too. Of course you've got heating and wiring. I don't know what you both can do but it would help greatly to do a lot of the work yourself if able and according to the code in your area.

I've helped people saving money by doing the wiring, plumbing and giving them tips on building. I think I spent much time running back and forth with tips and know how but, it's rewarding if I'm not too busy.

See More About:    Plumbing For A New Bathroom        

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